About Us

Our History

Frank Gluyas Pryor (Philip's Grandfather) came to Colwyn Farm in 1936 with his cropping experience. Joseph Warwick Pryor (Philip's Father) had a passion for growing potatoes which has been passed down to his sons. Philip operates the family farm today with his wife Denise and their children Amy and Warwick.

Colwyn Farm is a mixed arable farm predominantly growing potatoes. The combinable crops we grow include oil seed rape, malting barley, wheat and oats. We also have a small herd of suckler cows. The farm has progressed significantly, particularly over the last 15 years.

Cropping in Cornwall

We grow potatoes from West to East Cornwall. Growing over this wide area enables microclimates to be utilised, these vary from one season to the next. The Cornish microclimates and our cropping expertise allow our customers to continue to get quality Cornish potatoes year-round.


Technology and machinery have developed considerably over the years. We are constantly investing in this, from solar panels covering all south facing coldstore roofs to robotic machines in our packhouse.

Our grading system and washing line use Tomra Optical Sorters to remove stones and defect potatoes. A robot stacks our 10Kg cartons ready to be distributed to our wholesale customers both locally and nationally.


Stewardship and wildlife are key parts of our farming operation to ensure the soil is kept in good condition for future generations. This has been implemented by reintroducing cattle and pasture to the farm, reduced tillage drilling, rotational hedge trimming, wildlife ponds and planting trees in unproductive areas. Growing cover crops in our rotation improves soil structure, locks in nutrients and increases biodiversity.

At F G Pryor we are passionate about the environment and preserving the great place we live.